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    Zhejiang golden machinery factory is domestic a type of enterprise, advanced enterprises in Zhejiang with total assets of 150 million yuan. Our company has 550 employees, of which more than 145 Flotation Equipment intermediate engineering and technical personnel, as well as 200 set of all kinds of production and testing equipment suitable for China Flotation Equipment manufacturing and Flotation Machine supplies .

    GF type floater equipment is a mechanical mixing floater with the function of self-suction of air and slurry, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises in selecting non-ferrous, dark and precious metals and non-metal minerals. Particle scope processed by this machine is <0.074mm, taking up 45%-90%. The ore slurry concentration is <45%.

    JJF II Type Flotation Equipment simulates American Wemco floater, belonging to self-sucking machinery mixing floater. It adopts a deep star-shaped impeller with a radiant blade and round cylinder. The lower impeller is added with draft tube and the false bottom, which can make the tank bottom produce great circulation of slurry in order to prevent particle precipitation. It is suitable for sorting non-ferrous metals, dark metals and non-metallic minerals.

    BF Type Flotation Machine is a mechanic mixing floater with double functions of self-absorption of air and slurry. It adopts forward-leaning tank and double-blade turbine of a new structure, coordinated with fluid duct and the false bottom device. The tank slurry has a double cycle of both above and below in a fixed flow manner, which contributes to the coarse mineral suspension. SF type floater is mainly composed of tank body, main drafts with impellers, motor, scraper and driving equipment. Those with a volume over 10m^3 are set with fluid duct and false bottom.

    Goldenmachine XCFII and KYFII Type Flotation Equipment could have a combined configuration in which XCFII type acts as the suction tank and KYF II type as the direct current tank to save foam pump in the medium mine returning. In this way, it gives full play to the specific function of various machine types to draw the strong points and offset the weak points. The structural feature of this kind of floater is the design of a double inverted conic-shaped impeller with backward blades. Moreover, there is an air distributor set in the middle of the impeller to have advantageous performance over similar floaters.

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