Snake Hook and snake pliers


    More and more people are starting to grow snakes, but many, including many buyers, are afraid to snatch snakes directly, let alone snake bites. Although bold people dare to snake, but also the possibility of being bitten. Some time ago, because of improper method of information caused by frequent displeasure.

    Snake Hook and snake pliers are designed to safely handle animals that may be poisonous or may have nausea. The simple serpentine hook design explained below is a "quick fix" when a professional serpentine hook or snake clamp is not available. Snake hooks come in a variety of shapes, designs and lengths. You can also buy snake pliers, which is to "grab" the snake. These "pliers" are particularly suitable for snakes that will not stay on snake hooks because they provide better control of the animal.

    When inspecting or catching a snake, use a hook and loop method to catch the snake head or pillow on the ground and then turn the snake hook properly. Let the serpent snake half sit on the neck of the snake, and then use the other hand to hold the snake's neck, and then take out the handle to catch the second half of the snake. If the snake is on a rough surface or is not suitable for compression, you can also use a snake hook to snake the snake to the right position and then snap it by the neck. If you snake bites from snake cages, snake boxes, snakeshores or snake holes, you can hook the snake first.

    When helping a poisonous snake or a more violent, non-toxic snake to cleanse its body, first use a snake to move the snake to another empty box or clean it into a bag so that the snake will not be disturbed or disturbed. Larger snakes should be hooked in the first half of the body or close to the neck in order to stop their area of attack and then use their hands to support the tail or the back half.

    General hook Reptile Feeding Tweezers nomoypet end is durable and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. The unique solid brass sleeve reduces the weight of the front end and maintains a very balanced instrument. Shaft is chrome-plated steel, lightweight and durable. High-quality textured rubber grip provides good control.